Our Mission  . . We will attempt to stay away (as much as possible) from the beige & predictable… will go “up” some paths that the MainStream steers away from….& we will capture the many eclectic Sides of  Madness…. a wide range  of Fun in its many OutFits & OutLets.

You will see exclusive video content in performance & interview oF Academy, Grammy, Emmy & Juno Award winners + an Eclectic/Electric mix oF indie, techno & Much More Music…..stand up comedians ranting,  SideShow & Subway performers, motivational speakers & best selling authors, college students sharing stories of when they put their books down & take their clothes oFF…. pole dancing on the streets of the city….

Daring…Different…Decadent & just about anything that is Unique & Unusual..

Hang around as much as possible as we will be adding lots of new content on a regular basis…whether it’s video, fotos & text, “Madhattan” Merch….we will be revealing Content that has No Boundaries..

The co-creator oF (Formerly,  Ken (kenjamin) Franklin has an extensive track record in discovering talent…He is the founder of a boutique Manhattan talent agency that has secured worldwide bookings for multi million selling bands & singer/songwriters, NYC broadcasters, actors/actresses, etc. & was on-air talent & music/marketing director of (the previous…audio only) Radio Free NY airing on NYC  commercial FM morning drive radio that garnered major media attention and ratings…he was responsible for the 1st US airplay for BareNaked Ladies, & others before the MainStream played follow the leader.

KF/KJ has worked closely with music industry executives such as Jimmy & Don Ienner in the areas of A&R and national promotion. He has also been featured on ABC-TV “20/20 News” on a segment about workaholics.

pep boys memorial day 009jpg  has been inspired in part by KFKJ’s grandfather…Jack of ” Manny, Moe & Jack”, aKa The PEP BOYS.

Their iconic imaging has been such a vibrant part of Print & TV advertising since 1921…

When Ken asked his grandfather many years ago what he attributed his success to, he responded…
“Gotta have a Gimmick”

So as Team VideGlutton Pound the Pavement of the streets we’ll be sharing our “Gimmick” with You..


roker 03008 jpg