VideoGlutton Blog #1

“Video KiLLed the Radio Star”….some of the first words echoed when MTV debuted…but ofcourse since then they & others morphed into something LameStream MainStream…but thanks to the Internet, we now have many choices.. & we trust that the new will keep away from the mediocre.

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Today we are swimming in the world of mobile tech , so come around here often as we’ll be Taking Chances & constantly giving you exclusive + uncensored video content you won’t see anywhere else…along with Much More Madness . .

One of our first video sessions was with our friends BareNaked Ladies thanking us for giving them their first USA AirPlay in the last century when RFNY was radio only.
BNL Note.jpgBareNaked Ladies







Since then we have videotaped performances & interviews with Academy, Grammy & Juno Award winners & EDM DJs… indie singer/songwriters & bands…even klezmer music & other genres of original music.

You’ll find our multi part series with the woman who was a staff photographer at one of the greatest music venues ever . .The Fillmore East…hear her story + see many of her fotos of Janis & Jimi, & lots from those wild nights.Amalie Rothschild 3 Th0910009.jpg-2



We took the F Train over to some UpScale galleries here in MADhattan to show you rare fotos of Beatles & Woodstock 69 & interviews with those who snapped them..And we captured some Skeleton Sex at The Museum oF Sex..Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 5.21.57 PM& other exclusive visits to many other venues in NYC, Toronto & elsewhere..


* * if you liked DIRTY DANCING sound track, &/or Grammy Award winning multi platinum group PENTATONIX we have something quite special…..Just go over to our American iDeal Channel.29



Altho we don’t get caught up in tabloid trash, we couldn’t help but uncover some dirty laundry oF Tay Tay Taylor Swift coming from a someone who spent much time with the Deceptive Diva.

We can also be your comedy club (no cover charge) as we have videotaped uncensored segments with several hundred standup comedians . . some of them actually get pretty Down & Dirty…and even one of our VideoGlutton renegades had CyberSex in Jerry Seinfeld’s TV apartment . .don’t miss an actual VoiceMail that Jerry left me during his GloryHole days

Maybe you wanna get Motivated or Medicated, as we can give you a dose of video segments with best selling authors/motivational speakers, music industry BigShots & others
You might actually like making a PitStop at our Purch the Merch page…lots of swag…not exactly the beige n boring ..

We promise to give you a taste oF our Vision oF the abnormal, the weird, the not so weird & organic…sometimes orgasmic entertainment…there’s lots here so take your time in uncovering our stuFF.